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What is Rehabilitation Physiotherapy?

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy works with patients whose lives have been impacted by disease, illness, injury and surgical interventions.

The goal of treatment is to assist in attaining health goals that allow integration back into work, social and lifestyle activities.

At Lawson Physiotherapy and Pilates we’ll work with you on a management plan to meet those goals.

What can I Expect at My First Appointment?

Your physiotherapist will undertake a detailed subjective examination. This means that you will be asked specific questions regarding your condition, participation in sports/recreation and your specific treatment goals.

Following this subjective examination, your physiotherapist will be able to provide some preliminary information about your condition, and will talk to you about conducting a physical examination. Commonly, this includes an assessment of your posture, movement strategies, range of movement, strength and control and other specific joint, nerve and muscle tests.

After this we will then discuss the assessment findings, and decide with you a plan for management. This may involve communication with other health professionals involved with your care, to ensure a coordinated and optimal treatment approach.

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